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About Us

Estate Cleanup emerged out of a highly specialized cleaning company and a professional organizing and senior move management company.  Estate Cleanup specializes in all facets of estate cleanup, including identifying assets, locating important documents, identifying sentimental items, shipping items to family members, providing an inventory of an estate, packing, coordinating donations, coordinating items to shred, taking recyclables to a recycling center, removing trash and debris from homes, basements, attics, sheds, and yards, etc.  We are NOT a liquidation service; rather, we work with several companies to help our clients make the most money on the items in the estate.  We have completed over 150 estate cleanups and work throughout SC, NC, and GA.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our Staff

Estate Cleanup employees have received extensive hands-on training in professional organizing procedures, rental property cleanouts, foreclosed house cleanouts, hoarding cleanups, and white glove sales cleanings.  No two jobs are the same; however, most estate cleanup jobs have similar approaches.  All of our employees have passed local, state, and federal background checks.  All of our staff are required to complete at least 25 foreclosed cleaning, rental property cleanout, hoarding cleanup, and/or senior move jobs before applying to work for Estate Cleanup.

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