How do you charge?

That is a great question.  Our rates vary depending on the amount of work we are hired to complete.  Some clients only want the trash and debris removed; some want our full service offering.  Simply put, we only charge for the services we perform.  In the cases of full service, we generally charge about 1/2 the price as individual service providers, and we generally finish the jobs much quicker.

Why are you different than cleanout companies?

Cleanout companies do a lot of the same type of work that we do.  However, cleanout companies are typically hired to throw items away or donate them.  We are a professional organizing company dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the biggest value from a job.  Taking paperwork to be shredded prevents against identity theft.  Coordinating auction items ensures value for the estate.  Can you imagine finding out after a job that a safe had been thrown away or a company simply threw away a will, deed, or financial information?  Most companies aren't properly trained for this type of work.

Why did you choose the Arcade Mall?

We have completed cleanouts in SC, NC, and GA.  Some of the homes we have worked in are historic homes.  The Arcade Mall restoration is part of the Main Street revitalization project.  It is a historic building and the developer has done an amazing job restoring it!