Identifying Assets

Estate Cleanup can help you identify assets in the home or on the property.  We can ship items to you or any of your family members and can help facilitate the sale of items for the estate.

Coordinating Donations

Some items in the home cannot be sold, but are not trash.  We can help identify items to recycle or donate, and can transport those items to a recycling center or a donation center.  We can also bring a donation receipt for donations made on behalf of the estate.

Junk Hauling/Debris Removal

Unusable items are part of almost every estate.  Old food, trash, yard debris, etc. should be taken off of the property and properly disposed.  We can help identify these items and remove them from the property, including Level 5 hoarding properties.

Coordinating Document and Computer Shredding

Most estates contain personal information that can no longer be used, but doesn't need to be thrown out.  Old checks, bank statements, investment account information, utility bills, mortgage information, hospital bills, laptops, CPUs, etc. may contain personal items that should be shredded to prevent identity theft.  We can arrange these services for you.

Locating Documents and Sentimental items

Estate Cleanup can locate important documents, such as wills, deeds, car titles, money, jewelry, personal collections, family photos, and many other items.  We can pack, box, and ship these items to family members, as directed by the executor of the estate.

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